Frequently Asked Questions

- Trash pickup day is Thursday – once the cans are emptied they need to be removed from the street.


- Prior to commencement of any work on the exterior of the residence or other structure on the lot, or the addition or deletion of other items on the lot, plans must be submitted to the Board for review and approval.  This applies to structures, but not general landscaping such as trees, flowers, vegetables, etc.


- The only fences permitted in the subdivision are wire and cable or wrought iron.  All fences must have prior approval from the Board before installation.


 - Any commercial truck, non-operational vehicle, bus, boat, trailer, mobile home, camper or any other vehicle, other than a conventional automobile, must be stored in the garage and concealed from view. If the garage does not provide sufficient space for storage it is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain offsite storage.


- Every owner has the obligation to insure that their lot, whether or not there’s a residence on it, is well maintained in a safe, clean and attractive condition at all times. This includes returning a lot to a well maintained state, post- construction. Refer to section 4.21 of the CC&Rs posted on the web site for additional clarification.


- If you are not receiving HOA emails, please send your Name, Address, Phone # and email address to  We are required by state law to keep this on file for every member of the association. 

Who Are We?

Neighborhood Association for High Point Estates, Celina TX

Neighborhood Map 2023
Who lives here and where to find them
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Check out our Events page to find out what is going on in our neighborhood.